A Great Dough

I make my own dough for pizza and other savory Arab pastries. I found a great recipe that works every time. It's Bobby Flays pizza dough. I have tried a lot of different recipes over the years but I have had the best luck with this one. Just search it on food network...you will love it.

Today Im making a pastry that is filled with cheese and spices. They are great. My kids love them, so I make them and having your own dough is so much better. 
soulrunher soulrunher
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

awesome! I'll have to get out my rolling pin

Yes its great. I have even used wheat and all purpose and they both did well.

Mmm, sounds good too. I have to say, I am still convincing myself to like wheat...although it's the only bread I usually eat, when I bake it I can't seem to get it light enough. Seems so heavy and dry.

I do like them all. I have never tried baking with those flours though. Is it very different to bake with them? I would love to make sourdough, my youngest loves it. Gotta recipe? :)

Truthfully, I haven't played with the wheat a lot to make it better. My kids love the others best, of course. Now, you have me thinking about the sourdough! If I do it I will let you know! :) Thanks for your input.

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