This is what's for dinner today. Well, late lunch/dinner.

I took ground beef and sauteed it with onion that was diced. I have to dice it very small for youngest or she won't eat it! I spiced the meat and onion with alspice, salt, pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and tumeric. Next, peel and chop some potatoes and fry them. Drain. Now to the meat add the potatoes and I added peas and carrots, you can add mixed veggies too, doesn't matter. Mix it up add rice, add liquid (water, or broth) and cook the rice. When you are done it looks like the pic below. It's really good. You can also use stew beef, lamb, or chicken.

soulrunher soulrunher 41-45, F 2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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it reminds me of chicken fried rice.

Yea I can see that.

Is that a granite counter top? I like it!

LOL...I really new you were looking at that. :)

You caught me. I was checking to see if I could see your reflection in the granite.

just kidding, I was really looking at the granite.

I know what you like. :) I need to show you my arches. ; )

your arches?

Yes...tomorrow. Will show you.

It's tomorrow now.

Lol...this is not the Wb! This is a post about food! Get off! :)( meet ya at a Wb)

* flings a bra load of chicken fried rice in your general direction*

How am I explaining this to all the cooking people?? :p

let them eat cake.

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Mmm. That does sound good, except I'm with your daughter on that...No onions! They upset my delicate tummy! ;)

Late lunch/early dinner = linner? or lupper? or Sunch?