I love preparing my own food.  My favorite is Italian food.  I've learned quite a bit about how to cook it like the Italians do...not just boiling some spaghetti and pouring sauce over it.  Using fresh herbs, roma tomatoes, parmesean reggiano, good olive oil, etc.   And not making it too saucy or cheesy.  Italians try to balance all the flavors together to make a meal.  Also buying good quality pasta is critical.  Artisanal pasta has a more rough texture and soaks up sauces more readily than the cheap stuff.  I like cooking other things as well but Italian has been my focus.  I just like the fact that you can make food taste exactly to your preference.  A definite advantage over eating other people's food.  I feel fortunate that my mother started teaching me to cook when I was very young.
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wow, you sound like you know how to cook some great stuff....got any suggestions?

I hear ya. My mother started teaching me as a kid and even made a cookbook for us. I don't cool much northern Italian food, but the old Italian recipes are my favorite and often easiest to make.

I cooked some Indian split yellow peas with curry. It was great!

sweet!! So when can I start?

haha, that's right she better :) I don't know if I'll ever have a wife but any girlfriends or significant others will certainly see some benefit...I love to cook, especially when it's for other people.

you can do it Caska, it's just a matter of learning about the ingredients and how they're put together. Just google some Indian food recipes and try it out.

now i am jealous. I am still mild to indifferent about Italian food, but i am learning what it is i actually enjoy about it.<br />
<br />
But if i could cook Indian food... (drooool)

Silver01ta....Indian food is awesome, you're well ahead of the game if you can cook that. I just made my own yellow curry the other day for the first time. I went to an Indian market and bought all the dried spices, roasted them and then ground them up...I made some lentils with potatoes and zucchini, curry, garlic, ginger, and a few other ingredients. Turned out pretty good. Indian food is my new pursuit...next on the list, Ethiopian cuisine!!

bravo! <br />
<br />
I can only cook Indian food

You are incredibly lucky that your mom taught you to cook when you were young! So few guys know how to make food for themselves. It's really a sad thing. My husband suffers greatly when I'm out of town. I've only managed to teach him grilled cheese and scrambled eggs so far...

How is eating other people's food cheaper? Unless you have a wife or someone else who cooks food for you at home. Eating out is definitely more expensive.

On the other hand, eating other people's food is a lot cheaper.