Can'T Stand My Wife'S Cooking

I have a rather unusual problem with my sex life. It’s not as though I don’t get enough attention from my wife. In fact, I get plenty, perhaps even too much.

The problem has to do with what she expects of me, particularly in the heat of the moment. You see, my wife is something of a gourmet, almost a Bacchus type of figure with her plump roundness, and large ***. She loves to fill up on all sorts of rich foods, buttery meats, beans and onions cooked in duck fat, and garlic-laced hams and sausage. I have no real problem with that mind you. The problem I have comes afterwards. When she has been lolling around on the couch with all these goodies fermenting away inside her colon.

It’s then that she gets into the mood for some sexual pleasure, and wants me to go down on her. In fact, she loves it when she can sit on my face and discharge her rich gases into my nostrils. And boy does she ever. It’s like having your nose to one of those smokestacks in a refinery. The stench is sickening, and yet if I don’t do this, it’s no sex at all. So I’m sort of trapped you see.

My question for you is whether this is worth it? Should I get her to compromise in some way, like maybe cut down a bit on the gravies and bacons, or should I just accept this as part of life and get on with it?
YellowToenails YellowToenails
46-50, M
Jun 22, 2013