Sichuan Chicken

I have been looking for a food adventure for this weekend, and I think I found it! I am going to try to make Sichuan Chicken. ( I haven't made to many Chinese style dishes, and never anything like this, so it will be a completely new experience.  I am looking forward to it.

I confess, I haven't made this.  i wanted to make it, I was planning on making it, but then I went to sushi.  And Thai food.  Plus, the recipe met with some resistance.  Apparently black cloud fungus is to much of a fungus for my cooking partner.  The fact that he greatly enjoys mushrooms is "different".  Instead, we explored the banana cream pie because really, no one who loves to cook, and has a soft spot for pie, can watch the movie Waitress and not be inspired to make a pie.  After searching the internet for a banana cream pie recipe that looked fully conceived and suitably delicious, I settled on one from Bon Appetetit (  Of course, being that banana cream pie is one of my favorite pies, I could not be content to leave the recipe as written.  Rather than using all the cream called for when making the custard, I reserved half and whipped it into stiff peaks, then folded it into the cooled custard.  This gives the pie a much lighter texture that I find just divine.  I also decided that adding a mashed banana to the custard at the end of cooking improved the banana flavor of the pie.  Let to sit, the vanilla custard takes on a banana taste from the slices of banana sitting in it, but who wants to wait for a banana cream pie? The pie was divine.  This weekend I tried to make the pie again, trying once more to convince myself that if I change the ratio of milk to cream, I can use 2% milk with more cream instead of whole milk.  That has never worked for me.  Every single time I have tried to use 2% milk for pudding I have come up with nothing thicker than an English cream, and this time was no different.  My pie drooped and oozed, but still tasted amazing.  Eventually I will resign myself to using whole milk.  Eventually. 
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Actually, most Chinese don't eat spicy food.. The hot food that Sichuan people eat aren't that spicy either.. it's more of numbing. You should try Singaporean Penarakan (Straits Chinese, some with intermarriage to Malays) cusine. Those are spicy in a different way. If you're not into spicy food, Guangzhou style Chinese food would suit you more. They're very similar to HK cusine. (:

good luck with your culinary adventure. let us know how it was and ... if it turns out yummy, save the left overs for us, k? ;-)

How did it go?

But, but, that food is REALLY hot! People who come from Sichuan eat chili fruits for fun! But maybe they've adapted the amount of chili to ordinary consumers :P Well, good luck! ... I prefer Swedish meatballs before Chinese food; mhmm, Meatballs....