"I Love to Cook "

I have to say, ever since I have been a little girl I had always watched my mother cook dinner, not only for our family, but  for her friends as well as other family members, who came over to our house, and I always watched her cook, and I was very interested in learning how to cook, so whenever my mother had cooked dinner for us, she had always showed me what to do, and I always had helped her out, but I was to young  to cook on my own, but I was so interested in cooking and that whenever she had cooked somethng I always was there standing by her side, but I couldn't do it on my own because I was to young and I always had to be under  her supervision, and that is how I became to be a good cook as I am, It took many years of practice and now I love it.
mswally mswally
41-45, F
Aug 1, 2007