Taking It Easy

I'm taking it easy today.  Saturday is my best cooking day, since I don't usually have any set schedule I have to keep.  Last week I overdid it a bit, baking two kinds of bread and a coffee cake, and doing prep work for Sunday's meals in the slow cooker, plus dinner preparations, of course.  My legs were sore when I was done.

This week I'm taking it easy.  The bread machine is running, and there's vegetable beef barley soup in the crockpot--looks like enough for at least two dinners and some lunch servings as well. (OK, so maybe I'll bake some molasses cookies later ... )

#2 son, the Ice Demon, had fitness testing in gym last week.  His body fat was measured at 5%, so I need to keep him eating more calorie dense stuff...need to find some sort of butter cookies he likes and I don't.

Sliderule Sliderule
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Love vegetable beef barley soup. I love cheese with walnuts and it's great for healthy snacks if he needs to add healthy fats both are really good for it. He could have walnuts with a banana as well.

Vegetable beef barley soup! YUM!