AWESOME Grapefruit Pepper Shrimp

This is the best shrimp I have ever tasted. didn't expected to be so awesome when I cook it.

here is the process.

1. soak them in the water with vinegar and wine. then remove the shell, when you done, drop the water. 

2. add oil to the pan, cover the whole pan with a thin layer of oil. using 7/10 heat.  add one mashed split of garlic

3. when you hear the sound of the garlic, add shrimp. don't overlap (the size of your pan decide how many shrimp you should get). add black pepper

4. grab your grapefruit, take 1/8 of it, squeeze into the pan.

5. stir to avoid burnt. add a little sugar and salt, stir.

6. when the oil is gone, congratulations, you completed an awesome dish.



dashen dashen
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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

Yes.After I bought a seasoned chicken leg (lemon pepper)<br />
Some techniques are from Chinese cooking style.