My Newfound Addictions

Almost everyone in my family cooks, and very well too. For a long time I used to be a little black sheep, because I never felt the impulse of cooking, or never spent too much time on it.
But around three or four months ago, I have no idea how, I just felt an impulse to start cooking. I started out with a few failures, but gradually I've become better. I have my specialties, and up to now they've been really appreciated.
I've been cooking a lot lately. I think I might use it also as a form of therapy.. I love the feel of cooking. It makes me feel passionate and strong, even in a time where maybe I am not.
I think about cooking a lot too. Sometimes I will be in class and be daydreaming about what I can cook later. I love dreaming up new recipes, or seeking out the comfort of the old and faithful. I am so grateful I learned how to cook. Also now, when I'm alone, I can enjoy a proper meal, not a burnt quasi meal. :)

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I have been cooking on a regular basis for about a year and a half now. I just realized that because I am cooking Easter dinner for the relatives, and last Easter was the first time I had contributed a dish to a dinner for our extended family. I made au gratin potatoes; everyone raved. This year I'm doing the whole meal for the in-laws. It makes me feel proud, loving and nurturing to be able to provide both nourishment and pleasure to the people I care for.

I am the cook in my family. I have even been given the honor of cooking holiday meals for the inlaws, and they love it. I do too. <br />
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I agree about dreaming cooking, or planning meals. I do that all the time. I can even taste it in my dreams, so I then need to create it so I can see if my dream taste was correct. <br />
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Some people cook to eat, others eat to cook. I cook with a passion for good eating.

I love to cook and bake. I make a weeks worth of menus so I know what to cook for my family. I have over 100 cookbooks and I sit and go through them and find recipes that I want to try. It gives me great pleasure to know that I am nurishing my family not only with food but with love. Continue to enjoy!

There's no downside I've ever been able to find to being able to cook....and you'll be getting better as you go along. I agree about the therapy; it just feels good to make something and I find the handwork satisfying. Next step is to start inviting friends over for dinner...