I tried my hand at a pretty simple, yet time consuming project today. I made melon pan, or melon bread, either term is correct. it's bread wrapped inside a cookie. you can put fillings and add flavors and even color them.
I was very simple. I didn't any flavor because it was my first time and I didn't wanna waste any. I actually had to make the bread myself, I messed up the first time because I used to much water. but the second time I did it right. I had fun kneading the dough, an it was also alot of work. the cookie dough that would wrap aroun the bread is what ruined the attempt. I adde to much sugar which made it crumbly and very sweet, it other words... not very good.
I didn't want to just give up so I baked it anyway! the cookie dough was cracked and falling apart, but I could pull it off, so only the bread was there.
now the bread was wonderful on my opinion, it was thick like a biscuit, and perfectly sweet. it was a trail and error with mainly success: the fact that I made bread by hand was amazing in its self for me~
my grandma didn't care for it. she spit it out, pointed out obvious flaws and question my decision to make it anyway. it was my first time, I did it with no help, and she just took all the joy out of my accomplishment.
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3 Responses Aug 24, 2014

I love to cook my especialty is soup.

It looks that you had a lot of fun doing it and i had fun reading it :)
It's like readig a cooking show lol x)

first time i ever hear about melon pan or melon bread but it sound interesting