Coconut Curry

When it comes to cooking, I am not especially good at following directions. I have rarely created anything amazing with an exact recipe that someone else gave me. On the other hand. You can give me someone's fridge, and I can make something delicious that nobody else has ever had before! (At least I'd like to think my "creations" are really that original!)

  The real reason why I am writing this story is to tell you about my delicious shrimp coconut curry! It was scrumptious! The shrimp was bouncy on the chew, and flavored just enough not to be overpowering. The veggies soaked in all the flavor but did not become a soggy mush. It was nutritious as it had lots of fresh veggies (mostly organic produce). However, I am sad to say that my tomatoes came from South America so some of my produce wasnt very local. The coconut milk came from Thailand!   


It is hard to pay attention to the locality of our food when we are so used to shopping primarily based on price. I read an article in the NYT that brings up a good point of how "organic" doesnt necessarily address issues like fair trade, locality, nutrition, or safety.   My coconut curry didnt meet all the standards that I would like met for a perfect home cooked meal, but we all have to get to that perfect meal somehow, even if it is one bite at a time.    

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i like the thins from my garden . i can do different things with squash and cucumbers . i like to add different herbs with all of my cooking .

That sounds wonderful and you're right about collecting ingredients for a recipe (or anything for that matter, anymore)<br />
Next time you do some great cooking like that, let us know, we'll be there to share. We can all bring a covered dish. I love to cook as well.