I Learned From My Mom...

I learned how to cook 4REAL fr my Mom!!  Ada, was the best cook in town, especially if you like Pure PuertoRican foods.  Like Arroz con Gandules, and Carne Mechada,Tostones, Amarillos, Chuletas, Pollo Frito, Pollo Guisado con Papas, etc. 

 People would come to her house from miles around just to catch a taste of whatever she was making.  I can also cook Down Home favorites like Mac n Cheese, BBQ anything,  Mamas Potatoes, Sopon, Verdura,  I just love to cook and so I do and it shows!!  Not just on my body but also on my family and friends too!!  I like to cook as healthily as possible too.  So many of my dishes are somewhat revised.  They all taste good but I don't use alot of fattening stuff like lard, or butter.  I prefer EVOO, or just olive oil, instead.  And I use alot of natural flavors like lemon, lime, and garlic, or red onions and peppers. or OJ.  These products all come in handy when one is cooking, so I also like to keep a well-stocked pantry.  I also keep a small herb garden in my kitchen window and I must say, fresh herbs are great.  They bring something extra-special to any plate.

SlaveHeart SlaveHeart
36-40, F
Jun 15, 2009