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Cooking Genes

There's a little joke in m family that my siblings and I have major cooking genes. My mother's skill is excellent, and she reall loves to cook. My Grandma was professional qualit, and she taught herself! On both sides cooking is a big part of growing up, and I don't know any of my living family members who doesn't have a special thing they make. We're all so proud of my older brother who lives in switzerlaand as a chef. ^_^ My specialty? Baking. I love making breads, cakes, pie, cookies It's just so fun. My master piece so far was a mildy minty cake with midnight blue icing and a moon.

Masako Masako 18-21, F 1 Response Jun 26, 2009

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Good for you. It's nice that everyone in your family has their own specialty when it comes to cooking. I went through a baking faze when my children were young. Now that I live alone, I don't dare bake any But I do still love to bake bread (from scratch, not in a bread maker).