Food For One

I live alone but have cooked all my life. I almost always use fresh ingredients but find it almost impossible to cook for one.This leads me both to over eat and to fill my freezer  with left over food.It takes a bit of organising. I make a lot of different soups which I usually have at lunch. I am not so good at puddings. But I entertain other people once a twice a month and rarely cook the same thing twice. I think the secret of good cooking is confidence in what you are doing

Fulke Fulke
70+, M
3 Responses Sep 6, 2009

I agree not to be wasteful. I think the test of a true cook is to use whatever is available. Necessity truly is the father of invention in the kitchen! If you're like me, you have an enormous amount of condiments because you just can't resist a new flavor! I like making up new marinades with whatever is in the door of the fridge. A splash of this, a glug of that, a pinch of this....

I was my mother who taught me to cook from about the age of 4. She also taught me not to be wasteful and to use everything up

david marr age60 from wrexham north wales uk . my mother was very strict .and made me do jobs around the house and help in the kitchen . while helping mum i became a good cook .my wife can not cook much .i have been trying to teach hir for 36years .she likes me to be in the kitchen.she said she has better things to do .so i ger on with it