My Recipe For A Japanese Stir-fry

My favorite dish I often enjoy is nabe [nah'-beh]:  Japanese for "soup" or "stew".  It's so easy & versatile.  I don't really have a recipe; I just throw things together.  So feel free to experiment with this; changing it according to your tastes or the volume you need.


First I start the rice.  The Japanese prefer the white short-grained variety.  If you don't have rice cooker, cook it a double-boiler system for 20 minutes.  Or if you prefer, prepare noodles (ramen, soben, udon, etc.).  That's good too.


In a large pan, I sauté' garlic, onions, & bell pepper in olive oil over medium heat.  Other vegetables can be added; such as broccoli, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, mung bean sprouts, cabbage, green bean, zucchini, or whatever else you enjoy.  Then I add diced chicken, beef, or pork.  You vegetarians can leave this part out.  If you prefer seafood, such as shrimp or scallops, add these during the last 10 minutes of cooking.  Next, I add a mixture of equal parts lemon juice & soy sauce; usually 1 tbs each, but you can increase these if cooking for more than 2 people.  After stirring this thoroughly, I cover the pan & let simmer on low for 20 minutes.


In a bowl, I scoop a helping of rice or noodle, then spoon the nabe over it.  Sake or green tea go well with it.

Update:  Inspired by a lot of Chinese cooking, I've been adding dried chiles; the small red ones.  I find them in many import shops.  Very few of the supermarket chains carry them.  I usually add four larges ones or six small ones to the recipe above, when adding the garlic.  When eating, take teeny bites of these along with a large mouthful of meat & rice.  These are very hot.  If you're not use to very hot spices, I wouldn't recommend these for you.


JerryAtRick JerryAtRick
61-65, M
Feb 22, 2010