Whats With All The Rubbish They Put In Food These Days?

I never really thought about food when i was a kid. My Mum was a great cook, all homemade straight from the oven. Of course I appreciated it so much, there's nothing like coming home from school to a piping hot cottage pie made from scratch! She did have her 'lazy' days as she called them, normally once a month when her and me dad would go out for the evening: Campbells meatballs on a bed of rice...ughhh!! I still cant face them lol.

The important thing though, is my mum taught me to cook. From an early age, and i loved it. She wasn't adventurous, simple home cooked british meals, but oh so perfect. her own pastry, sponges, roasts etc etc. And where did she shop? the local butcher, veg shop, fish shop....no watered down supermarket meat at all. Which brings me onto my huge bone of contention....processed food and mass produced food. Ok, yes its a sign of our times, but why?...oh yes money.....


In my student days it was all pizza, takeaways, chips cheap rubbish (my hips now remind me lol). But then i got married and had little ones. I was pulled right back onto the 'I want the best for my kids' train. I never fed them a tin of premade rubbish accept when it was really necessary (eating out etc). Then i remember on one of my sons birthdays, I think he was about 4 and i had split up from their dad, money was tight so i bought some really cheap cola for his party....omg....never again. He was literally bouncing off the walls, totally out of control. It was poison to him! It was then i started really reseaching what was going into the food I bought, its scary to think the crap they can put in and disguise it as numbers. Ok, so some numbers are merely something like 'beetroot juice for colouring' but some are just so chemical based.

I cant afford to buy organic stuff (even though I do care how the animals are treated) but its much simpler to buy base ingredients and cook from scratch. I KNOW what goes into the meals i cook. I try to buy local and in season, that way i know its come from my own doorstep. many people dismiss this idea as being too expensive but its really not, just research thats all. Then people blame time for buying processed food, but a slow cooker does and amazing job when im busy. I distrust the diet industry, low fat=high chemical sugar. I eat butter, cream and would never eat any margerine, after all my grandparents thrived and were healthy on this diet of homecooked food. I feel many illnesses today are a direct result of additives in our food.

Eldorai Eldorai
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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

i agree with you but, i work 40+ hours a week and some days am dead tired when dinner time catches up to us. i am single so it all falls on me. we do eat premade food somedays and i hate it. but we gotta go to bed and fresh stuff can be ex$pen$ive. if you want to be truly ill look up what goes into "potted meat" ugh! we draw the line @ some stuff,no oreoes or margarine. who knows what garbage my kids eat @ school?<br />