Memories Of My Mom

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking.  My Mom taught me from the time I was about four how to bake cakes.  My Mom was Pennsylvania German, so she knew lots of good staple recipes by heart.  She was also an excellent baker.  I grew up in a home with all males except my Mom so this was our time to share and spend time together.    As I grew older we would cook together as well.  When I was 13 I started to make her an awesome 5 or 6 course Birthday meal every year, it was the only time she didn't have to cook all year!  I loved doing that for her!  I have worked at places as fry cook and other things but I like making fancier things as well.  About eleven years ago I got a great job as a breakfast chef at a small environmental learning facility.  I work for an old grumpy German woman who is extremely particular and who drowns everything in booze! (you can actually get drunk off of her chocolate raspberry truffle torte!) but man is it good!!  So I have learned a lot there as well.  I think I can cook or bake just about anything if I have a great recipe and some room to maneuver!  I thank my Mom for her patience and good sense!

treehugger1962 treehugger1962
46-50, F
Mar 7, 2010