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I Looovveee Cooking

i love to cook. ive been cooking since i was 11. at first i was really bad. i couldnt even make box mashed potatoes. than i got better. but my chicken wouldnt cook in the middle, only burn on the outside. than i got better at making chicken too. i learned different ways of making it. fried, baked, and i learned different styles of it. different seasonings. i used to find all different things to season my chicken with from just plane old salt and pepper, to italian dressing and even wierd things like ranch dressing and french dressing. than i learned to make lasania and fish and how to grill. now im 21 and i love to cook, and my family enjoys my cooking. we can have nothing in the house to eat and with the lil we have (usually the day b4 we go shopping) i can be creative and make up a recipe that they enjoy. i wanna write a cooking book, called jessi's reipies or different recipies ive made up. but my brother says his favorite thing ive ever made was my infomous penut better cookies. theres a secrite ingredient in them that i wont tell any1 but if i ever do write a book that'll b the first time i announce my secrite ingredient lol

siciliana88 siciliana88 18-21, F Apr 20, 2010

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