Making Things Feels Good

When I don't have to do something else, I like to make things--food, crafts, embroidery, planting plants, a new furniture arrangement, a new picture for the wall.  For a long time I thought I was discontent or seeking fulfillment.  Now, as I am more fulfilled, I am still making things.  I view it as a gift that brings beauty to my surroundings and joy to those around me.  My mom thinks I am "distracted", always trying new things.  I think she doesn't know me well enough to understand.  When I start things, I also finish them.  When I have an idea, I carry it out.  It's just that the ideas keep coming and often I would like to be working on 2 or 3 of them at a time.  I am challenged to stop and make time for my spouse and my friends.  I tell myself, "all you have when you die is the people you love."  Consequently, many of the things I make are given away.  After several decades of "creating", I haven't much to show for it.  Lately, I am thinking of creating more things for my own home.  I value the life I've been given, the material possessions that make everyday easier, and not spending more money--just more time.  So, I like to make use of the things around me (I have chosen frugality) and make creations out of them.  Often these are more unique than you find in the stores anyway.  People are surprised.  They shouldn't be because I draw inspiration from pictures of things other people have made.   It won't make me famous or earn me money.  But I can't stop!!!  Does any of this make sense? 

kwjune kwjune
Mar 1, 2010