My experiences in observing movies which make money

Hey as i keep identifying flaws and strengths in films; i realize that after watch being n number of movies i find scripts and story telling are pre-requisites for a movie to be successful.

some successful movies in the past had following sequences
1)  initial slow tempo and within 10 minutes the story begins introducing strong characters and drama begins with a great climax.
2) initial fast tempo and the tempo is maintained throughout with an unexpected climax in the end.
3) initial average tempo and just before the interval a suspense created and the movie begins gripping you in latter part.
Music, Cinematography and Direction play other vital elements

and to make mega bucks; an added advantage of having good starrcast does play an important role.

Any formulae for success.
even if 5 out of 15 reels of movie is good; the movie is an average grosser
10 out 15 reels movie is a hit
above 10 out of 15 reels movie is on way to become a super hit or blockbuster.

Lol.  relax am not an expert in film making and respect; admire all those who make movies.

and finally i look at movie in totality to check if it can hold target audience attention if it does the movie is a winner.
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May 20, 2012