Crossdressing As An Old Lady

i am a guy and you may think i'm strange but i bought a prothesis off ebay like the one in the photo. i use it to transform my self into an old lady but not just a thin old lady a plump old lady,
i go round charity shops buying stuff an old lady would wear i dont wear skirts i wear trousers and a big padded coat hat and gloves and blouses and jumpers tights and granny knickers i sometimes wear a tenna incontinece pad,plus loads of padding for my shape .i also wear a fake hearing aid grey contacts and glasses.also i stink of lavender too.
i squeeze my size 8 feet into size 6 shoes,i'v even made a fake bunion shape in the leather.
i bandage my legs tight so it restricts my movements so i have to use a walking stick.
i'm only brave enough to go out when it starts to get dark thats why i like winter can go out a 4 pm .
its easy to do a gravely old lady voice too when i have to say hi to someone like the over sexed granpas lol(i'm not gay).Also had a long conversation with an old lady walking her dog she was convinced i was an old lady called phylis.
i also enjoy the kids shouting elder abuse at me so i kmow im doing a good job.
when i get in from a walk i have to go relive my self as it makes me feel so horney lol.

am i sick to do this or is anyone out there like me i'd love to know.
grannyguy grannyguy
36-40, M
Oct 9, 2013