I Like To Crossdress

I shave my legs, make my face up real nice, get my stockins n heels, get a nice dress on and do my wig up a bit and go out. The sad thing is just drive around and never get out or go into the restaurant. All kinds of heads will turn at my some what attractive figure and this makes me fly, I never even get one word out. This might be more of a confession, But when I have a story trust me I will give every detail, and etc.
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5 Responses Jan 16, 2011

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I wish you all courage in finding somewhere you can go and feel safe. The girl inside you needs to be let out, you just need to find out how and where. Be careful: she will love it so much she will want to come out more and more. Would you want to be shut in a room all your life? If you'd never seen outside, maybe; but she has.<br />
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I've had wonderful times out to lunch with a friend as Andie, and I really don't know what I am going to do if that becomes more problematic again. Love Annais and let her live.<br />
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best wishes<br />
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Don't have the same story as you but be yourself and not what other people think you should be. Go for it and let us know what happens.

Someday maybe we'll take that drive together and then find someplace to cuddle up.

Be true to your inner core and never fear the unknowing beause you and only you are the best ....... Break the chains that hold you back and set the butterfly inside of you free, to live a happy and blissful life ... Best of luck and enjoy every moment of the journey......

I hope one day you get out of your car and go in somewhere. People need to be free to express themselves with who they are. Just do ti. You will feel much better.