Date Night

Well its friday night and the last kid is lot of the house at a school football game .
my wife and i are happly at home alone with 2 nice steaks and the makings of great salda After a few beers and some shots , we have nice dinner
shorty there after my wife asked if i am in the mood to play with her strap on . ( its been a feww mths since i have seen it ) . she looks so cute wearing it . and we talk about the new one we want to get ,little bigger with balls cant wait to see her wearing that . Any way the fun starts and i am on my knees for some time . which she love to watch,finally she get me on all four and starts ******* me I am so turn on,we stop and i take her **** off and start .Thats when i said Talk dirty to me .most of the time she'll say a few words then turn it back to me and both of us work on a fantacy story well not to night . she starts by telling me about going out to bar and picking up some cute guy and bringing him back to hotel room with us then she sends me in to bathroom to change while she asked him if he liked to get his **** suck by me while i was dressed in white bra pantys and white pantyhose .and that is when it happen my **** grew to twice its normal size and now she knows that i would real like to try this . all she said was mmm so this might be some thing to try .She knows that dressing is a turn for me and that kinky sex is fun but what she didin't know is that for a few yrs now i have thought about bi sex and what another **** would be like. and maybe she would like to play with 2 dicks . if this really happens i post it ...dont worrie
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6 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Sounds like you have a great wife, I would love to get down on my knees while my wife watched. !!

Oh honey!!! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful sexy wife to share your desires and fantasies with!!!!

My wife likes it when I beg her to **** me with her ******* ****

Sure wish my wife would be that understanding.

Lucky man to have an understanding spouse who will consider some kinky sex play. My **** is always bigger while wearing lacy bra, matching thong and 5" wedge heels.

great night