Husband Lets Me Make Love To A Black Man

my husband lets me make love to black men only and i love it my husband had an accident years ago leaving him unable to make love
so now my husband has become my best friend and lets me...... wants me to enjoy making love with black men only. as ofen as i want or need to it started in a hotel as i thought a romantic evening with my husband and supprise to me he got me a black man for the night and i loved every time we get together to make love . now i make love to a black man 1 to 2 times every week. for my birthsay my husband let me stay over my black ( bedhusband's ) house for the all week . i made love 3, 4, 5 times everyday but the day of my birthday my husband came over and talked to my bed husband that night i walked with my bedhusband into the bedroom and 3 black men with no cloths on were waiting for me. i looked at my bedhusband he told me my husband wanted him to get some more black men for my birthday party
( now i understand why he was asking if i would like to try more men ) happy birthday thi...... 4 men was the most i have ever been with and they made love to me all night i 100% loved it it was the best i have ever had at one time i thought i was having heart problems i was so very excited i could not stop myselfe.
the next day i was having some pain my husband told it was normal after 4 big black guys make love to me for 9 hours...........
to day i think about was good very good i would do it again i still go to my bedhusband's house 1 to 2 times a week my husband is very happy to see me happy
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love to see you **** the black guys and *** 2

Exciting story, thank you. Now if you would only talk to my wife!

to showmethecream pie. i did what you sugested it seemed like a good idea at the time. but he was very upset that i asked him if he would do it. he was saying im trying to take away the last bit of man hood he has.<br />
i am sorry i see now you have bad ideas and not listen to you again.

Nice story. But your husband has been really great to you, I think you should return the favor. You should allow your husband to lick your puss* clean each time after you receive a deposit deep inside your puss*. A good loving marriage is about sharing. He appearantly can't use his own dic* to satisfy you, so he graciously allows, and gets for you, nice black dic*. Your black dic* does you up nice, and leaves his deposit. It just seems like the least you could do is include him in the love making, by allowing him to taste, eat and swallow the sweet c um that is the result from your love making. Licking your puss*, and sucking every drop of c um from it, will make your hubby feel very included, very special, he will love doing that. He will love you soo much for allowing him to be apart of your love making, by allowing him to taste and swallow every drop of the resulting love making juice from your puss*......................................

after reading your response i gigled because i have think of that before many times just afraid what my husband would do i am reading a lot of woman do this to there husband and the husband does not know or husband likes it but i understand most husbands like it i have been afraid to ask my husband about this but.... yes next time i will not clean and come home and ask him about this

we all love black **** and should be allowed to have them all the time. for me i am black **** only and my hubby doesn't ever get to have sex with me

what a wonderfull husband you have for wanting you to be so happy and satisfied.

that is perfect what a great guy and so happy your haveing a great sex life