With Arms Wide Open...

The art of cuddling is one of the most purest forms of giving to your lover. It comforts, it sooths, it relieves, it absorbs, it protects, it bonds, and it gives without expectation.

I need cuddling as part of an intimate exchange. The feeling of wanting arms, cradles my desires and slows them down so that I can feel the under current of what is to come later.

It makes me take time to look into her eyes and pay attention to what she wants to give to me. It’s like opening presents on Christmas, one at a time. Cuddling is an important part of giving because it requires you to slow down, and be patient with the giver.

I like giving in to control when cuddling pushes away my eager reach. I know I want to reach pass the stage of waiting but respect the tempering that only cuddling can demand and receive.

Yes, cuddling is the dominate twin of desire that will always meet your drive to want more with the calm of revealing small clues of what your reward will be for waiting…

MaximusAurelius MaximusAurelius
41-45, M
May 12, 2011