But only with certain people.
I work in daycare with the under 5's and am always hugging them and also get a lot of hugs back.
For example, today I had one little boy who gave me 2 big kisses on the cheek, another who cuddled me a lot before going home and another who sat and cuddled me and stroked my hair. It is so lovely and one of the nicest parts of my job. I feel loved today.
I also love to hug one of my co workers who is like an auntie figure to me. She always gives me a kiss on the cheek before hugging me and it's just so sweet.
Having said all that, I often wish I got more cuddles. Sometimes I feel like I am in so much emotional pain that all I want is for someone to hold me, stroke my hair and whisper kind and soothing words to me. I kind of feel like it would help ease the pain, take away the emptiness. It makes me sad that I can't have someone on demand who would do that for me. But then I wonder if it's needy and wrong to even want and need this?
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Jun 7, 2011