My Two Bestfriends :)

the first story is with my bestfriend taylor, idk if its normal for friends to cuddle though. She came over to her dads yesterday afternoon and let me know, so i came over even though she didnt expect it. We jumped on her trampoline for 10 minutes, then we started talking to each other about random topics. Then we started play fighting each other for reasons i forgot, i guess we were teasing each other, then we started cuddling. my head on her back and her hands wrapped around my arms. Then we lay next to each other, no space in between. My arm being snuggled and my head resting on her right breast, and my **** rubbing up against her hips (involuntaraly). We cuddled for six hours, then i started complimenting her breasts on how big they were. then things went bad but thats another story, it had to do with me missing and cops were involved. Then today i spent the entire day with my long time bestfriend nicole. we played video games and watched a movie. while watching the movie avatar she curled up on my lap like a kitten, her head resting gently on my lap and forearm. 
These alone were the two highlights of my summer :)
loverOfScience loverOfScience
18-21, M
Aug 3, 2011