I Want To Cuddle Up With Someone Who Loves Me...

I'm a guy, but I really want to have somebody there who will cuddle in bed with me. It makes me feel so loved and wonderful inside. My former girlfriend was long distance, and she didn't seem to value cuddling all that much...

I never really have cuddled before with someone who is close to me who I love very much. I wish I did. I know I would love it. I imagined doing it all the time with my past girlfriend. Maybe making love together, and then right after holding each other close and snuggling in with one another, keeping our naked bodies touching each other, and even drifting away into sleep in the night in that very intimate and cozy position... It makes me feel all excited and happy inside. Of course, it's mostly important to me that they are happy and feel the same way too. =).
BrianMinor25 BrianMinor25
18-21, M
5 Responses Sep 4, 2011

Aww, you'll find someone to cuddle with one day :)

this is so cute. totally agree by the way...

I feel like that......there just doesn't seem to be anyone out there *sigh*

I'm really happy that a guy your age thinks this way. It's pretty rare. I'm 21 and the 'men' my age aren't even half as romantic as you :( I just haven't met someone who isn't a complete arse yet, but I will. You will too and it'll be a cuddlefest :D

You will find the right one,dont worry. she out there wait for you.