I Cuddle Therefor I Am.

When I say 'like', I actually mean 'love'.

I grew up in a house hold where people did not touch each other without the words 'I'm sorry' and a swift averting of one's eyes. Cuddling, was the domain of my heavily eastern european Father and he died when I was very young. Recently, I've stumbled upon a group of friends who are SERIOUS huggers, kissers, cuddelers, no-personal-space-ers. At first, I was HORRIFIED. It took a while but now I can't stop. I'm like an addict or something. I will snuggle anybody. ANYBODY. Unless they smell too bad. God help me. ;.; If I'm stressed, I want a cuddle. If I'm upset, I want a cuddle. If I'm happy, I want a cuddle. The ONLY time I don't want to be touched is if I'm in pain, which isn't the greatest because I have a habit of hurting my back, which would feel better if I'd allow someone to rub it.

Cuddling doesn't have to be sexual. I think we'd all be a lot healthier and happier if we did it more often. I know I am.
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2 Responses Feb 29, 2012

I grew up the same as you. No one touched or showed affection I think that need is real in all people, and has resulted in me wanting to be touched so much. The problem is, men are supposed to be above that, and want to be tough. Well, if you look at my other groups, you can see what the result of that thinking can be.

Hey!<br />
Just to let you know!<br />
Some of d people around me find it strange, but that has never stopped me hugging and cuddling my group of people.<br />
And.. I feel just the same as you do! -thanx