Take My Best Friend

ok i have been reading about how many of you ladies are lonely want someone to love, crave intimacy want a sex life want romance want a guy to love them well here is your chance. the heart of one best friend up for taking. all offers will e accepted but any a few will actually get the username to contact him via. and with that in mind let me lay out my case. i am not much of a writer so please bear with me and read what i left out.
I am going to have to do a condensed version. him, he is a over 55 year old disabled(more in a bit) woodworker/artist who actually likes watching chick flicks can cook as well as any chef, dreams about a candle lit bubble bath with a lover. has an incredible sense of humor likes cats but dogs better. actually likes to help her shop (for more than undies) still believes in love at first sight still believes that romance and intimacy are the binding blocks that hold a marriage together. does not do boys night out and can live with or live without sports. does not roll over after making love but instead wants to hold her talk to her. still has a sex drive although i believe that right now all that is driving that is his hand. is a strong man who just needs some repair. but to get to now........
i want to start in july 1974 when he met the love of his life. she was a very beautiful 5'8 tall 100 or so pound strawberry blonde who stole his heart while walking down the opposite h=side of the street. for 10 years they were inseperateable falling in love over and over again day after day for those 10 years. during that time they loved like no other couple i had ever seen. during that time they had 4 wonderful children together. as you can you can imagine he was and is to this day one of the best fathers, to be honest i wish he was my dad. his children call him almost every day to just say hi and always have a birthday party for him every year. as far as the love of his life 10 years and he was still acting like thy forst met head over heels in love. he could not pass a flower shop. jewelry store, card shop or whatever just to bring something special to her. talk about a hopeless romantic i think the word was created for him. but do not get me wrong he did suffer for in 76 he lost his left arm in a motorcycle accident and in 84 he lost her to a tragic accident. then in 86 he fell in love again.
this time over a dating show on the radio. she 5'9 185 blonde had two children of her own. now according to him he had a six-pack. again he romanced the **** out of her. and it was great for a while. then all of a sudden came the my kids your kids things. at one point in the 80's she forced the 4 out of the home to live with his mom. and things went downhill from there. first came the verbal abuse then the sleep but no sex life. after 28 years together and he is all but used up. i was there when she shattered two of his dreams that she once told him she wanted to do.
i can see the hurt and what living in a sexless stressful hiding in his house life has done. i have seen her suck the life out of him but all is not in vain there is still hope. finally he admitted to me in a roundabout way that he is at the end of it all he is wanting out. he said yesterday that if miss right came along but never finished the thought. but it has inspired me to this act of desperation. So ladies any of you interested in bringing life and spirit back into a broken man. any of you up to the job it is going to take a lot of loving, holding, kissing, intimacy, belief and romance to get he job done. age i do not give a crap if your up to the job then 18 to80 as they say. i know the right lady can save him but is there any who are up to it?
oh yes he is currently living in tennessee. with that the bidding is open. just mail me
waynedawsxx waynedawsxx
36-40, M
Nov 11, 2012