Guild Wars Two National Dress Asian Clothing Beta Time Conjecture In

Guild Wars two national dress Asian clothing beta time responsibility conjecture
Guild Wars 2 the United States to obey to open service August 28, 2012 it has been the official carrier for more than four months, a sizeable part of the Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts decide on wore delay play U.S. service. Although play the service of the United States is quite the threshold, the very first Key difficulties incredibly negative remedy Taobao black card too, once sealed complaint considerable difficulty. Once more, isn't linked to the VPN delay situation individuals are crazy, linked to the risk of VPN an additional title, so these 2 threshold block a considerable number of Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts. In view of this the helplessness countless players the choice of waiting for the national dress or Asian clothes, I also I grasp simple to introduce national dress and Asian clothing.

First, in terms of national dress, national dress KongZhong agent this company as a result of the success of a war guild wars 2 gold game World of Tanks operators in Russia along with a minor celebrity in the sector, however also quite a powerful Internet company. We don't how tangled this company, the uncle Party broke the news, I screened the following key points:

one, in accordance with the heavenly 1 to urine, Guild Wars 2 national dress is independent of the world's clothing, the meaning of which is not with the United States serving Unicom, that I stated convinced.

2, Asia will have Asian clothing, Asian clothing & world service Unicom, serving the United States of cheese need to commonly can turn when there will be specific to what the conditions is not clear.

3, according to whistleblowers, Guild Wars 2 from October finished, it is not troublesome to guess KongZhong Guild Wars two project to start & did not take lengthy for the time of the test can only really look at their efficiency. Speaking of the game is on the one hand, large heavenly approval I played wow all ought to know, just harmony Zombie Island zombie had to spend a lengthy time, plus approval walking process, a conservative estimate of the first substantial-scale test need to be discharged to the end of the second quarter of this year or the 3rd quarter.

Language it broke the news that the international service will not be pre-fitted Simplified Chinese, and the agreement KongZhong Simplified Chinese only appeared in national dress. Broke reasonable, I find it credible.

5, the national dress of beta time is hard to share, KongZhong vice president Zhang Yingnan interview If KongZhong localization process is smooth the end of the year need to be on the line, if not go well, we may need to wait until next year.

six methods to charge here isn't to do the discussion, will not make sense.
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