I love to cuddle, I just haven't been cuddled in such a lonng time :'(
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I like to cuddle and gently tickle/stroke my g/f stomach and sides it puts her to sleep. If she is laying on top of me I stroke her back softly and that too puts her to sleep. We often do this when watching movies. stroking her stomach is awesome she really loves it. So do I its awesome she has a nice tummy, and belly button. It helps that she is ticklish as well.


Ya it's been a Long time for me cAn we cuddlie

I can cuddle you :)


I love cuddling too! I send you a virtual hug!

Aww...right back at you...thanks

Thanks .....!!

Oh what the heck, come hear old boy have a big hug!

It has literately been 5 years for me now. How I long for a woman to lay her head on my chest. The feeling of her heart beating in rhythm with mine. The touch of her fingers on my chest and the smell of her hair as I run my fingers through it. There is nothing better in the world to me than cuddling like that.

Aww...how could someone not wanna cuddle with you?

I wish I knew. :(

That is a shame my dear girl, cuddling is a wonderful thing and is vastly underrated by many I confess I too love to cuddle, snuggling up beside someone, arms embracing them, feeling there body so close is a beautiful experience.

Have a virtual bear hug my sweet.

Aww...that's sweet. Thank you!! :)

Of course!, you are most welcome :)