Wishing I Could Cuddle With My True Love

I would love to cuddle up with my mate who was truly mine and who truly loved me unconditional. Not someone else's but mine. I've been waiting and waiting for this to happen but nothing true has ever came along in my life. Only sadness and pain and someone who really could care less about you but to use you for all its worth. whatever they can suck out of you until you are all dried up left with sorrow and nothing left for you to give anybody. Why? because they have zapped everything out of you then kick you to the curb left to find your way to wherever you are heading. Sound familiar? Well I still would love to cuddle on the couch or in the bed with my significant other and just live life.

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That sounds like a wonderful life. I hope you can find the right man.

I found her. Born hundreds of miles apart, odds were we would never meet. After spending twenty years of being married to another and seven years being a divorced parent, I finally met the woman of my dreams. She would prove to be my partner for life. For her, life was much the same as mine. She had several failed relationships where her significant other thought significantly more of themselves than her. After I spent seven years divorced and raised my youngest son, I searched for a meaningful relationship. I prayed that God lead me to a woman who longed for the same.

Generally, when seeking a relationship, most of us tend to look for similarities with a potential partner in life. When I met her, I didn't see the mirror image of ideas that I expected to find in my soul mate. Still, I was attracted to her, not only for her beauty, but possibly because I felt I had met someone who was giving up. She seemed to be someone who needed a little help to find her way again. She needed to once again recognize a return path to happiness. I saw her initially several times in disbelief that someone had taken such a negative outlook on life. I saw an opportunity to briefly help someone who had been misguided or misdirected. Then my life begin to change as I learned her story. I was touched that she would even consider reaching out that one last time in a effort to meet someone who might at least treat her decently. She was a complete contrast to my first marriage. My first wife was pretty much a material girl. Finally, I was blown away to meet and find a woman who was less interested in having and owning things, and more interested in just being loved by someone. Once again she put herself out there in the trust of another.

In an effort to shorten this conversation, I can only say that my new wife has completed me. As far apart as we seemed to be in regards to personality, I find myself wanting to please her more as time marches on. However, it is her that has truly proved to show me how to be happy. She shows me love that I never knew. Amazing isn't it? Sometimes, when we seek to help someone, we become the ones who are blessed the most.

I feel the same way. I haven't found that special someone for me yet, and I don't know how long it will be until I do, but I am looking. I love the happy and content feeling of cuddling and feeling loved while loving the other, and it truly is wonderful... *sigh*. I miss that feeling.<br />
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There's still plenty of time to find somebody. You just have to look, and make sure that the person has so many of the same interests with you and you two can always have a lot of fun! =).

I am sure you will find the one who is right for you.

As a friend I can help you to be happy till you see the paradse.

i like to cuddle too. I feel that it is very intimate to cuddle with your significant other. I feel like there is a connection between myself and my girlfriend. It's very relaxing to lie there and do nothing but yet feel so connected.