Wheel Power

Two wheels powered by the strength of the human body. I try to ride a bike to and from work as often as possible, roughly 7 km each way. I find that the bicycle helps heal a lot of injuries, by increasing the amount of oxygen the body receives. It also makes you very healthy and strong, I can put someone 30 to 40 pounds heavier than me on their ***, with the power of my horse legs...I used to ride even more, I didn't get a driver's license until 30 years old. I have rode a bike all winter long, no easy feat in our chilly climate. People take cars for granted, especially the cost of fighting wars to maintain a globall hegemony on oil reserves. The bicycle is a great invention, and a very effective and healthy means of transport for those who are willing to expend a little of their own energy.
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May 16, 2012