Sometimes, when I'm at the PC and listen to music, I just have to get up and start dancing around like crazy lol Headbanging included :P

It can be all kinds of music, but it has to have a good beat to dance to and it also shouldn't be too slow.

Today it was Misfit Love by Queens of the stone age.

I remember I was really mad once and just jumped around the whole time listening to Linkin Park (Numb and Faint probably).

Dancing can be a great way to cope with anger, or just having fun.

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2 Responses Sep 24, 2008

:) I also like to dance alone .... no headbanging yet - but will try hehe :)

Numb and Faint.. the best... I love Somewhere I belong. :)<br />
btw I like to dance when I am alone.. but I do not include headbanging lol