Yes I Love to Dance I Just Don...

Yes I love to dance I just don't like to do it in public, well unless I'm drunk.  If I'm drunk then its on.  My favorite thing to do though is to get my son to dance, now that it friggin cute.
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4 Responses May 18, 2007

Why is it so much easier when we are intoxicated........ If we could bottle our kids innocence boy then we could really dance.......... kids are to cute

I LOVE to dance also but now since I'm too fat my daughter does and its just toooo cute I love it!

Go to a club with a bunch of really good friends- you'll lose yourself out on the dancefloor disregarding anyone else- trust me!! it's sooo much fun. I used to be terrified that i'd look like a fool in front of everyone, but if ur with awesome people in that type of atmosphere it's so much freaking fun!!

I used to be able to dance. now it's hard enough to just walk. I used to think I would miss being able to run more than anything, but in fact it's dancing I miss. You can sort of get into a groove sitting down but it's not the same as losing it on the dancefloor for two hours.