Designer Reading Glasses – How To Choose The Best Looking One

Most attractive people do not like wearing glasses, but designer reading glasses can actually make a person look great. There are a whole lot of cool glasses available in stores these days but not all of them will suit your face. If you are really keen on buying the best fashion reading glasses that suit your look then you should find out how to match your glasses to the shape of your face. You’ll be surprised at how important a factor this is. Another factor to be considered is your personality.

Don’t forget to use the following pointers when buying fashion reading glasses for yourself:

- If you have a long and angular face then round reading glasses will suit you perfectly because they will soften the lines of your face. These glasses also give you an intellectual look.

- A face that is markedly broader on the forehead when compared to the chin will also look good with round glasses, especially rimless ones.

- A square face will look better if the person wears glasses that are longer than usual because this gives the face a well-balanced look. Fashion reading glasses that have fancy designs on the outer edges will look especially good on this sort of face. You should also try spectacle frames that have a retro look. Cat eye frames will look perfect on you and so will butterfly frames.

- If you have a round face you should get narrow rectangular glasses that give you a mature look.

- It is best to avoid dramatic looking frames if you have a very small face. This applies to the shape of the frame as well as to its color.

- If you have a flashy personality then you can easily carry off dramatically shaped or colored reading glasses.

Make sure that you try out various designer reading glasses before you select any one. If you are not loyal to any particular designer then you can easily make a selection from various eyewear brands.

Be sure to take your time when making a selection. Look at yourself in a mirror from various angles in order to be absolutely certain that the pair you are wearing is the one for you. While attractiveness is an important factor, you should also make sure that the glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear; they should not pinch your nose, the sides of your face or your ears.
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Feb 8, 2013