Never Would Have

I must say I was surprised to find out I actually have a fetish for older women. Every woman I have dated is older than I am and I must say I like older women for the sole reason; they know what they want out of the relationship. Last woman I liked that was an older woman I met at a P.T.S.D. survivors group. I was 19 at the time, 20 now, and I was urged by the university I attend to go to it after at a Frat party a guy came in and tried to murder a friend of mine in front of me and almost killed me in the process. But anyway I came into the meeting and looked around the room to see a few people that looked like at any minute would start crying. I took a seat in the back.

I was introduced as per the rules of the thing and I told my story. People listened, some were sad, others weren't really surprised like it had happened to them, (Most it had as there were a lot of people from the party there,) but one person caught my eye as I talked and seemed to watch me from across the room. I didn't really pay attention that much but around the midway point of the meeting that girl I saw earlier. She came up and introduced herself and started up a small conversation. When the midway point was over I sat with her and oddly felt safe. The meeting ended and I made a point to get that girl's number. I talked to her for the next 5 sessions until during the next session when it came down to the end of the meeting I asked her out for dinner after the next meeting. She accepted.

Later on we went out to eat sometime the next week and during our convo I found out she had been in an abusive relationship where her boyfriend also tried to murder her but instead of a weapon he used his fist. I also found out she was 27 almost 28. She looked like she was 20 honestly and I must say it was her braces. Her jaw had been broken, some teeth too. She had to have braces to fix the damage. We both made jokes about each other's ages for the rest of the date in a cute sense, teasing really.

Towards the end of the date when I was driving her to her house she got quiet. She told me her story in its full details. I sat there and she asked if she had scared me at all. I told her I was honored she had trusted me enough and I hugged her. I told her my story as well... I felt so safe and not judged in those arms... I pulled back after a nice hug and I saw a look of something in her eyes. I kissed her.

Ever since that day her and myself have been together. She's 28 and I'm 20. Everyday I feel lucky to have her because she understands me both physically and mentally like no one else has.

MacGreggor MacGreggor
18-21, M
Feb 13, 2010