On The Contrary

i have always enjoyed a good debate. i am not particular about the subject matter. now if you think i mean an argument , you are wrong. i love to exchange ideas, and to even possibly  be swayed into thinking differently.
  there are a few things, that i have very strong opinions on. really, there are two.  politics and religion are the subjects i'd rather not debate. 
 religion, can rarely be discussed without emotion. people integrate their beliefs so completely into their lives, most find it hard to separate fact from personal belief, and feelings.   that isn't wrong or right, it just seems to be the way things are. i am willing to listen to what people have to say about their religion. i will not agree or disagree with them, because who am i to judge what is right /wrong for that person.  although i am willing to listen-i  do not appreciate those who attempt to convert me.
   politics is  another area i prefer to steer clear of.  don't get me wrong, i have very strong opinions.  debating politics  usually turns  emotional in it;s own way.  maybe  emotional is the wrong word.  -passionate - might be a better term.  i wouldn't mind debating political issues , but it is one of those subjects where people are rarely willing to listen to the other persons point of view.  people -and i in no way mean everyone-tend to be concentrating more on what they are going to say next, and  are concentrating less on learning a different point of view.
   there have been times, that i have chosen to debate something from the opposite side. i will argue for something, that in actuality i have completely opposite opinions for.   i learn the most when i do this.  it is the verbal equivelant  of walking in someone elses shoes.  it may not change my opinion, but it does give me new insight.  it's good to be contrary.
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I read about your likings and I am also fully agree with you. The religion and politics, this two subjects are very sensitive which should not be a debate issue. there are so many things which we share with each other and will give healthy and good friendship. So, why not we also be a good friend if you like