My Cartwheel Scar

there is something liberating about breaking out in a surprise cartwheel.

who can't stop what they are doing and look when someone is gracing them with a sweet body turning feat.

so my brother and i were 6 and 8 rspectively and we had a gymnastics club. we were the only members. he had this full body tank top spandex leotard thing and wore glasses at the time, i had a v neck leotard with long sleeves and chubby boobs. i decided that on this day we would do consecutive cartwheels down the narrow hallway in our upsairs. it was long enough. we would do one right after the other.  i really pictured it and it made sense. he went first and when i saw his legs in the air i started my own cartweel.

something went terribly wrong. in that split second between the first and second legs passing in the air i saw the wall....

i had somehow sullied my grand scheme with a crooked cartwheel. i wheeled up to finish and the left part of my forehead by the hairline crashed into the box that held the swamp cooler controls. there was some blood.

i remember the doctor saying that there was a lot of skin floating around in the wound and my dad looking dizzy and leaving the room. i picked the blue stitches.

my first major scar- i love it still. and all because this girl had a dream.


deadlycupcake deadlycupcake
31-35, F
Mar 1, 2009