One social movement which I am particularly passionate about is providing aid for orphans and underprivileged children in third world countries.

From my observations, social issues typically arise from the interactions of numerous smaller issues. The widespread appearance of hunger and poverty, for example, can be attributed to any number of other problems-- political corruption, an inefficient educational system, and religious discrimination, to name just a few. This all, ultimately gives rise to a cycle of poverty that is repeated over generations, since those born into such environments are never given the opportunities to get out.

Orphanages, I believe, free children from this cycle, by providing them with a home, a family, and an education with which they can pursue careers and someday provide the means to support themselves. They not only improve the lives of children, they also work to alleviate poverty within a greater context and scheme of things. And what with the exchange rate, and the fact that just $27 is enough to feed, house, and educate a child for a full month, a little money goes a long way, and truly does make the difference between poverty and possibility, for these children.

I've actually launched an ongoing project earlier this year with all of this in mind. Its still very primitive but it is a start, nonetheless. I sell cupcakes in my residence hall, to raise money for struggling orphanages in my hometown in southern India. Between my first semester of college and various other service ventures for other causes, I haven't been able to move it forward as much as I would have liked, but I'm still happy with the results. So far I've raised about $800, spread between three orphanages in the area. Doesn't seem like much money, but it is surprisingly substantial for the orphans, considering the exchange rate and low cost of living in India-- their living expenses are completely paid for, for the next several months.

I've also just joined a mentorship program for those interested in philanthropy and leadership, of which I am very excited about. I do hope I can continue doing what I do with the orphanage, and perhaps even take my project to the next level.
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You are an inspiration to us all

Thank you! Kudos to you for your plans on adopting children. I think its quite honorable of you to be so compassionate of these matters in spite of your financial situation. <br />
<br />
Someday I would like to do the same. :]

Awesome may God be with you :) hey if you need my help just let me know as i want to help orphans but right now im not financially stable enough to do so as im jobless nowadays. I am also planning to adopt kids :) Keep up the good work :)