Volunteering For Youth

.... Can be a challenge. Every week I lend my creativity, my passion and compassion to a youth drop in center. Every week I am there, promoting, suggesting and doing my best to be a positive influence. I know that someday the impact will be there, whether its seen or not.

Its just I am the kind of person that appreciates appreciation, and a little appreciation does a lot of good for my heart. 

Some times I wonder why I do this work. Then, sometimes, I get a little recognition. Usually not from the Youth I work with but still. 

I guess I am saying, it may be hard, or exasperating or some times disappointing or frustrating but its good work, so keep doing it. 

I hope some day some one will say that I made a difference. 
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I have desire to help youth as well, help them to grow up as strong youth that can give an impact to their city or at least to their own lives. I've been help a boy for school and I instill good values ​​in his life. One day he came to me and say "Thanks sis, you are difference, you show me a good value and I promise I will be difference and I will pay it forward"
Those words makes me happy!

I would like to thank those who rated up this story. Its been about six months, so I will post an update. One of the youth makes me frustrated, he is 17, and lets face it: he needs to grow up. He assaulted me, and some how still manages to be at this drop in center. So while he makes me question the sustainability of my choice to work there- other youth are benefiting from the help. Since I posted this story, our group dynamics have changed a lot. New youth have joined, and some have left. Every day that a new youth shows up is a day I feel great. Recently a young college student joined us. I think we are going to be friends, and I thing he will have a mature positive influence on the younger youth. For those who are in this relm of work, I commend you. It does good, even if you don't see it until tomorrow.

Great work, yours. I hope you sustain your interest in spite of adversity.

Was the assault an isolated outburst or a pattern ?
If it's the latter, it may require other deeper forms of care ?
If it's the former, may be he'll come around in time after your sustained interest.

Of course, in any case, your safety is paramount, take care.

It was a one time deal, however his continued lack of respect is a pattern. Even during my attempted presentation on the importance of respect, he was disruptive and exponentially rude. Perhaps there is an underlying issue in need of address. At any rate, I appreciate your comment, I have come to look at the situation a little differently.

Keep on, keeping on. Would guess that a lot of the youth who drop in, are really struggling with life and where they are. Probably not able to give thanks. Years ago, my wife and I took in foster children. One girl in general, stood out for us. She came from a abusive family, with an alcoholic mother. See kept running away from that, and for that the state locked her up. Years later, she is a clinical psychologist, and doing great work. And she has thanked us many times for being there for her when she was struggling mightly. She is still in our lives 30 years later. Am sure that you are making a difference.

Speaking of working for the betterment of youthful lives... I had foster parents, several times. The same ones each time. Grandma and Papa is what we called them because they didn't want to make things awkward when the kids got close to them. They changed my life. I think that they are the main reason I got into this work. They adopted just about every kid that wouldn't be able to go back to their parents. Unfortunately their house burned down last week. I hope that their foster alumni get a chance to help them out to return the love.