I do a lot of volunteer work for my community.  Its a great way to help me feel good about myself and who I am.  I have also met a lot of people who have been very supportive of my efforts to rebuild my life.  Some know my stories, most do not.  I am very private about my past as I don't want sympathy or judgement. 

The people I work with are my area law enforcement agencies and crime prevention organizations.  I am learning that in order to live in a safer world, it takes all of us, not just the police or courts.  We have to work together as a community as a whole.  I don't do anything noteworthy, just menial stuff, but I know that because I am doing it, officers have more time to go out and do their thing.  I feel good about that.  I can't chase the criminals, but I can do some of the office work. 

I also help at community fundraisers.  There was a time when my panic disorder prevented me from doing that kind of thing, but now I do it with a smile. I am growing with the experience and support I have built with my efforts to give a little back to my community that has given to me.

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Good For You. I think more people should do that. Maybe if more read your story it would inspire them to do what they can to help others. It inspired me to do what I can. Thanks