I Am a Reading Mentor

 I do something every week that most people don't know about. I use my lunch hour to volunteer at a local elementary school. I help at risk kids to become better readers. I bring books for the kids to read and take home to keep. I try to bring books that I know the child I will be working with will want to read. If the child's interest is say, basketball, I would get them a book about Lebron James. Reading well helped to open up a lot of areas to me growing up, and I think that it's very important to reach out to kids in their formative years. Some of the kids that I worked with ten years ago are now in college. Some of them say that it is because of me that they are in college. I remind them that I just gave them a little extra, that it was all due to their own hard work and determination. I work with these kids because it is a great way of giving back to the community. I love the feeling of accomplishment that it gives to the kids when they finish reading a good book. I also love the feeling of accomplishment that it gives me to work with these kids. Every school needs mentors, and it only takes a few hours of your time, a few times a month.

I recommend volunteering in the schools to anyone who really wants to make a difference in their community, and in their life.

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2 Responses Oct 27, 2008

Sharing knowledge is admirable. Congratulations on your co-successes, helping students achieve heights that will improve their lives.

Richman, a side of you that I didn't expect. Very admirable.