I Signed Up to Ring the Bell!!

 There are so many unemployed people and so many needy families this holiday season that charities are calling on all of us to pitch in. The food banks are in desperate need of canned food, and staple items such as sugar, flour, and dry non parishable goods. The toy drives for kids are kicking up and the need there is greater than in past years. Warm coats, boots and blankets are on the top of these lists. The seniors in this country need help with their heating bills. We all need to get out there and volunteer just a few hours a week to make sure that our fellow Americans don't suffer during the winter months. I signed up for a bunch of slots to ring the bell for the Salvation Army Kettle drive. What will you do for your fellow Americans? Volunteer! Because it feels good.

AnyonesBestGuess AnyonesBestGuess
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3 Responses Nov 6, 2008

Times are tough all over the globe. Volunteer in your community. You might just change a life!

hey there,im new on here. it's good u like to do volunteer work. not many people do these days. keep it up.from wales.

Everyone needs to volunteer over the holiday season!