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Bondage Hoods To Dominate Men

Some of my thoughts on bondage hoods are shown below.  I would enjoy hearing the thoughts of other dominant women.

Stretchy placticized bondage hoods: The stretchy fabric type are less restrictive and really act as more of a "mask" than a bondage device.  I consider these cute but not really effective as a means to control a slave.  These types are far less expensive and are useful for people who are just trying out scenes with the bondage hoods.   If I were to use a hood like that I would add a collar that allows for a lock to be used in the buckle.

Although I am in a long-term realationship with one "little man" (all men are little men to me) I do play with other little men at large BDSM events.  When I play with other little men at large BDSM events, I made it a policy not to use the same hood on more than one little man. Each of them had to have their own hood.  Some little men would want to play with me and bought a bondage hood at the event to play with me that night.  Experienced players have their own hood - almost always made of leather with locking buckles.

Hoods and my little hubby man
The bondage hoods that I have for my little hubby man are made of leather and include straps with buckle closures.  The buckle closures on the hoods that I own allow for locks to be used in the buckles.  This website has shows many items with locking buckles.

When I put my little hubby man in one of the leather hoods that I bought for him, he knows that he will be in it for at least an hour, but usually several hours.  His come with removable blindfold and penis gag.  Here is a page of just hood to look at.

 The two I use most on him are similar to:



 When I have enough time, I try to play hard with him. I have tried a few times to have him sleep through a night locked in one of his hoods.  I have not been completely successful yet.  He gets too excited to sleep and after 4-6 hours wakes me to get him out of the hood.  I have locked in in his hood and then put him in a straight jacket and locked him in a closet, but since I know he cannot relax enough to sleep, I start this at 1 AM and have him out to 6 AM.   I just sleep for these hours and when I take him out of the closet  I ride him until I ****** and then release him. Unfortunately he is sleepy all the rest of the day.

 It is great fun to ride him to my ****** after I have him locked in his hood. I am riding a "faceless man" with a hard ****.  I slap his face hard.  This gets him harder and that really gets me going.  This hardly sounds romantic but it is a fabulous way for me to have sex.  Maybe I am past romance now and just enjoy this for sex.

If you can spare $200 or so, try locking a little man in a a leather bondage hood. 

Please respond with your thoughts.

AberrantGoddess AberrantGoddess 66-70, F 41 Responses Jun 7, 2010

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To simply be used to serve you without regard for me would be a wonderful way to train me.

Shift the focus to the Mistress and away from you. What is in it for her?

However she wants to use me

trembling thinking about it! so good to see your profile as i return to EP, Goddess. would appreciate being back in your circle.

Immobilizing the hands is a simple first step, but loosing site is twice the thrill. Speech is next.

From a man's point of view, just do it... As long as I can breath, I will be thinking of pleasing you and "suffering".

Hi goddess,I was introduced to felicity by my friend anna on friday night. Anna said i was to bring a steel chastity device and put it on the table in the restsurant. As the only male at the table it was SO obvious that the duevice was intended for me. Felicity had brought her own padlock and she put that on the table too. The waitresss kept glancing at the device. When the desert arrived felicity said it was time for me to take the device to the gents and put it on. I used a clip to hold it in place and went back to the table. Without showing any concern for who might see felicity unzipped my fly and replaced the clip with her padlock. She said iwas not allowed to mention the device or do anything to draw attention to it. I wanted very much to ask her how long it would be on for but decided to obey her and not mention it.After the meal we went back to the house felicity shares with a lesbian couple who are friends of anna's... more to follow...

I like the style that Felicity demonstrates. I am interested to see what control she gains over you. Does Anna dominate you as well?
Aberrant Goddess

Mistress uses the leather hood when we do BDSM play, but for the sake of ease and comfort, she uses a nylon hood on me when she cuckolds me.

Leather hoods are great, but I tried one for 2 hours and it was horribly confining. I don't think I could wear one for a long time.

After some conditioning from me, I am able to lock my little hubby man in a leather bondage hood for many hours. Several times I locked him in for a good night's sleep, but he gets too excited and cannot sleep. The one that I use on him most often has a removable blindfold and penis gag. He is often in bondage while locked in a leather hood. For safety reason, I never leave the gag in place and leave him. However, with a gag, he stays in his hood for hours. With the blindfold removed, I have him do household chores locked in his hood.
Aberrant Goddess

I clearly have to do more training on my hubby. I usually let him out after a few hours. He is always restrained when hooded so he can't take it off himself. Usually handcuffed. I will have to start having him do chores while hooded. Like yours, mine has removable gags and blindfold. The mouth cover has a gag version and a simple cover. I will use that for his chores.

The key to a great session is not having to worry about a deadline. Being tied up on a Friday night knowing you will not be released until Sunday morning is great as long as you have time to "refresh" for the reality of Monday morning.

AH, Deadlines meet real life. Week night spontaneous bondage short-shirted by a need to go to work the next day. That's why Friday and Saturday are so precious. Taking Hubby in bondage and en femme to San Francisco Friday is wonderful. We have two days to explore different forms of bondage, public and private, with no daily deadline. Sunday PM is a deadline, but on Friday night that is a long time away. Saturday morning till noon with my panties in his mouth held in by a penis panel gag so he gets to practice **** sucking and deal with a mouth full of aromatic panties. Totally precious. If/when I take the panties out, the gag goes on for the rest of the day after a lunch break. Boutique cruising in the Haight is great fun with Hubby practicing on a 3" rubber ****.

Most shop keepers and a few pedestrians actually spend quite a bit of time trying to talk to him, knowing full well he can't really respond. We both enjoy it. Simply the best is when a nice woman asks either of us if he is in chastity (Since "she" is dressed en femme) and I say yes and she asks if she can see it, hubby has to pull up her skirt and show it off. Some women, usually a little older, and not at all embarrassed, grab it and pull on it to try to get hubby going. One woman, I will never forget, squatted down and began to kiss his chastity, all the while saying how horny she was an wished his poor little cocklet wasn't locked up. She would kiss, pull and twist the metal ball and kept talking to him in almost a begging way to find a way to release his **** so she could enjoy it. After a few minutes, she got up, slipped her card inside his bra, and said if he ever got free, to call her. Then she just walked away, waved once and blew a kiss and went around the corner. Hubby stayed semi hard all afternoon (He can't really get hard in chastity) so I had to spank him hard that night for paying attention to another woman.

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You are One of a Kind.

Your little man is very lucky, many of us "men" have searched for a loving Miss and are still searching . In answer to your question yes this is a romantic, you both love each other and because of that love you have found roles that bring you both what you need.
Is rubbing your husbands feet after a long day romantic-yes, so why wouldnt hooding your husband be romantic. Finding a women to treat me like many of these stories read would truely warm my heart (& in some instances my ***) and is that just the most romantic thing you can think of.

I love to use a heavy latex hood to punish my sissy husband. When I (infrequently) have to remove his chastity for cleaning, he is always hooded and handcuffed since he in NOT allowed to ever see or touch is penis unless it's locked in his cage. Her hood just has nose holes, and a penis gag inside, so it's not very comfortable to wear fo a long time. It can be laced very tightly and becomes sort of a posture collar as well as a hood.

After he is cleaned and put back in his chastity cage, he gets some quiet time (An hour or so) handcuffed, hooded and locked in the closet. There is no door knob on the inside.

He is very cooperative when released and very anxious to please me. It's as it should be.

I have another hood that is thinner, semi transparent with lots of little eye holes and mouth punched so he can sort-of see and talk. He often has to wear this when he is making dinner or cleaning house and I just don't want to see his face. It's amazing how a simple hood can make a man so submissive.

Here are my thoughts. Hoods tend to de-personalize a male. A human being becomes a sex toy or house slave. That feeling is felt by both the slave and women who see a hooded male. I can act more strongly to a hooded male than a male who presents himself as a full human being. I can enjoy even more complete ******* when I do not need to concern myself about the feelings of my hooded little man. I can have my full ****** with a hooded male and roll over and go to sleep while he pleads for some repayment of satsfaction. >>>> Aberrant Goddess

makes perfect sense. Men are de-personalized when hooded. They know it and I know it.

It has been a few months since I last wore a hood. It was possibly my third of such experiences and hopefully not my last. I went to my Domme's home and she started out by first asking me to close my eyes as she popped a pill into my mouth and gave me a vodka chaser. She said that the pill would "relax" me. I was ordered to ***** and hand over my clothing. I did as commanded and she locked my clothes in a footlocker.

There I stood, naked before her. She used an Ace Bandage and blindfolded me. I was tehn ordered to scootch up on the bed until my heels were at the footboard. Leather cuffs were placed around each ankle and they were spread to the point of mild pain. Handcuffs were placed on my wrists. I couldn't see this but she told me that I would be wearing a hood.

The hood was pulled tightly over my head, zipped closed and a leather buckle was fastened in the rear. A collar was placed around my neck and I was ordered to lie down. As I did so, she reached over my head (I could smell her essence) she brought up a chain and fastened my hands over my head to the handcuffs.

She placed a **** ring onto me pulling my slowly stiffening **** and shven balls through the cockring and gave me a few strokes. She whispered into my ear that ". . . this was just the begining!" All I could muster was an, "Mmmph, mmmph!" She had never done anything like this with me before. I had many, many "fears" as she knew of how ticklish I am and all of my other weaknesses.

I screamed into the hood but it was to no avail. Over the next several hours, she took me to the edge many, many times but would not allow an ****** to be experienced by me. Oh, she had several times as I wore her glistening juices and as she recouped, she tickled the hell out of me which only served to make me harder and harder!

I thought I was to be set free as she untied my ankles but I was wrong. She strapped them to the headboard thereby folding me in half exposing my bare *** and shaven balls. Using a rubber paddle, she spanked my *** until my cheeks were raw. She twisted my balls and tickled my feet at the same time. Then as though jacking up a car to change the tire, she pumped me dry and said, "There you go, slave. But you're not getting out of here for awhile."

I'm gonna see her again next Tuesday. I wonder what's in store for us.

Your domme is quite developed in this area. If you are to be in the hood for a few hours, she might consider ear buds to a source of music or white noise. Your body is then further out of your control and more into her control. She can also try other fun things including Bengay on your balls.
Aberrant Goddess

The radio was on next to the bed but the earbuds would possibly work better.

She has also used an inflatible gag beneath the hood. She said that she likes that as my laughter cannot be heard by the neighbors when she tickle tortures me. She really likes tickle torture. As a matter of fact, that was the initial reason I went to see her so I could learn more about what turned me on. As it turns out, even the words "tickle" or "torture" or "tickle torture" sets something off inside of me.

Great desc<x>ription. I also lock my husband in a strict leather sensory deprivation hood when he is in need of corrective punishment. Punishment spankings in our case. He is hooded, locked in and strapped to our spanking bench. When I am finished, I unstrap him, but he is immediately handcuffed and hobbled to a 4" or less stride. For the next hour or so while he contemplates his punishment he can do anything he wants, but of course he can't see nor really move about. <br />
<br />
Sometimes I hood and handcuff him first and let him think about what is going to happen. All he can hear is is own breath, and he has to pay attention to that as the hood does not allow for much breathing freedom. Nose holes are tiny, and I often gag him first just to make the wait unpleasant. <br />
<br />
I can guarantee this really gets his attention and assists him in being very responsive to my needs and his duties.

Dear Aberrant Goddess,<br />
<br />
I would LOVE to read about your experiments with white noise.<br />
<br />

Oompah and others,<br />
The white noise has a different effect. I have my little hubby man locked in a bondage hood and also a straight jacket and then locked in a closet. With the white noise adding to his isolation, I come and go or leave him for hours and he just does not know if I am even even our home. I can and do sneak up on him and surprise him with a few strong slaps across his face - inside the bondage hood. This post is getting too long. Maybe I should write a new post indicating the resuts of my experiments with white noise.<br />
Aberran Goddess

It's very nice of you to respond. Recently I set myself up for an all night session locked in wool.<br />
<br />
The keys were in a large ice release mechanism, which I made sure was out of reach of my gloved hands, which were tethered by chains to my crotch area. I had enough la<x>yers of wool on my head to render me blind, and wool covering every part of my body. This time I had added a pair of earplugs, which dull all outside sound rather than obliterate it, and found them quite isolating nevertheless. I found they also affected my sense of balance and direction, which was quite disorientating. I could stumble around, but not release myself from all my sweaters, tights and hoods, which is the kind of bondage I enjoy when on my own.<br />
<br />
White noise intrigues me, although I wonder if the constant sound would drive me nuts. I'm pretty sure I could find some on the web and use an mp3 pla<x>yer and earphones to give it a go sometime.<br />
<br />
Thank you for the suggestion. Yours,<br />
<br />

Oompah,<br />
Thanks for your comment about my post here. To add some extra zip to your isolation in wool, try a set of earphones attached to an iPod or other. Recently I found a white noise generator that that produces something called "Brain waves" on my little hubby man. Once that is in place, I can leave and come back without him knowing anything. I have left him for a few hours and gone shopping. He is still completely restrained when I return.<br />
Aberrant Goddess<br />
Aberrant Goddess

I love what you've written here about your use of hoods on your "little man", especially that you keep him locked in for hours.<br />
<br />
I am mainly into wool, but knitted hoods can also be very restrictive when used in multiple la<x>yers, and can be locked on too. They are completely breathable, while impeding vision as much as you like. With my head covered, I am merely a sexual ob<x>ject, and would do anything - it so transforms me.

Those interested in dominating using a bondage hood might add head phones underneath. I enjoy adding white noise or strong music to my bound little man's bondage session.<br />
Aberrant Goddess

Spankling,<br />
Go but a hood - may $175<br />
Aberrant Goddess

Slave033,<br />
I like your wife's style. Now it is time for you to permanently own at least one bondage hood. She needs to buy a hood for you. I have bought several and use different hoods depending on my mood. <br />
Aberrant Goddess

Lightseeker,<br />
You seem to have a highly developed sex life with your partner. You both know your roles and enjoy playing them. <br />
I just acquired a spandex hood. Spandex gives him very limited visibility and does seem to inhibit his breathing. It was not expensive. I may get another one with eye openings so that he can be my faceless sextoy and houseboy/servant. I would add a padlocked steel collar around his neck to demonstrate my control over him.<br />
What is the content of your overnight scenes?<br />
Aberrant Goddess

Lightseeker,<br />
How do I get locked into your leather hood? A self-restraining adventure, a partner, or a bondage buddy?<br />
How long have you been in your hood?<br />
Aberrant Goddess

SlaveRob,<br />
<br />
For me, a fun part of having a man locked in a bondage hood is to treat him as just a sex toy. There is no face for me to look view. I need not pursue a smile on his face or any facial reaction at all. I get to concentrate on me and my pleasure. I enjoy leaving the hood locked on my little hubby man for hours. I have several types of hoods that provide various levels of intensity. <br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess

What you do with your husband sounds very interesting. i have been hooded once and found it to be an interesting experience. Sort of off if you are naked and bound but hooded at the same time. very erotic and ideal if like myself you want to submit to a woman.

Please add me so that I can be your top follower..

Goddess, that is exactly how i feel. I am so helpless and unable to ob<x>ject orally or physically that it totally re-enforces your submissiveness. <br />
<br />
I have never had ear plugs in but i am a little deaf so most noise is muffled a little. I would love to have that experience someday.<br />
<br />
You may find my true story quite interesting too. i hope that this link works <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> .<br />
<br />

rsbtops,<br />
<br />
Before I lace up the leather bondage hood, I usually have him insert ear plugs to limit his hearing. Once the locked is inserted in the collar of the hood and snapped shut, he is in there until I allow him out. That is usually a few hours.<br />
<br />
I just enjoy seeing him and using him as a sex toy. Later on he can be a lover. I take it you enjoy being thought of as a piece of meat/flesh. <br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess

As you can see from my photos i have a play mate who loves to lock a leather hood on me. Once locked on i'm totally ******. Literally sometimes.<br />
<br />
Totally helpless, totally submissive, compliant and scared at times.<br />
<br />
Very powerful stuff.

With all due respect asub, she said, " I would enjoy hearing the thoughts of other dominant women."<br />
<br />
Her command of English is excellent, and had she wanted to forbid us sissies from joining in, I've no doubt that she would have made that perfectly clear. Now, it's quite possible that in our case, "enjoy:" might be replaced with "tolerate". :-)<br />
<br />
The types of locking hoods she describes would excellent for overpowering and subduing. Tying of cuffing the victim's hands gets in the way of stripping him and then dressing him up. That hood, locked on makes him pretty helpless even if not otherwise tied up.<br />
<br />
Stating the obvious.<br />

Queen Sabrina,<br />
<br />
Hoods are a bit tough to fit. You must buy leather since it streches to fit the little man's head. many are small. The one made out of imiation leather (PU = Polyurethane) will not mold to a head.<br />
<br />
Then there are sensory depreviation hoods. They are on another level and create isolation. it took my little hubby man a while to get used to spending hours like that.<br />
<br />
I have a several and my favorite has a removable blindfold and penis gag. I can allow him to see but them tie him and shut him in as I see fit.<br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess

Goddess,<br />
I agree that hoods are an important part of play. Thank you for the links. I am in the market for a leather one and your information is helpful in this endeavor.