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Men Dressing In Little Girls Clothes

who on here likes to dress as a little girl but goes out dressed that way?

if you do please leave a message to let me know how many do go out dressed as little girls.

i love to wear skirts and dresses but i tend to wear the same type of clothing that a woman my age would wear i have to admit the little girl look is nice but not really a thing you can do and get away with out side of your home.

in day to day life i wear skirts more than i wear pants and i like to put my hair up in pig tails and not many people seam bothered about it the few that tend to ask why i am dressed that way are children and when you tell them it is because you like to wear a skirt then they are happy with the way i dress.
i have been out in a girls school uniform and then got a few stares but it was fun at the time

regards paul

PoppyAnn PoppyAnn 56-60, T 32 Responses Jun 27, 2011

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Cute!! I also have this "fetish," if you want to call it that. I love to dress as a pre-teen girl or toddler girl. Not sure why. But it is a harmless hobby, I guess. I keep it a secret, sort of, but I do post pics on Flickr and other places.

You look great.

You look very pretty I would love to do it

Little girl

I do go out dressed up as a little girl, I must wear really sissy dresses even underwear

I too love to dress as a little girl and have done so for many years. I have also gone out dressed in short, full skirted dresses and really feel free and pretty when I do. My neighbors know of my desires and don't seem to mind though I don't really know what their are really thinking. I've only been ridiculed once by a guy at the mall but another man stepped in and stopped him, telling him I wasn't hurting anyone.

I'd love to myself, but I'm so blatantly built like a stereotypical barrel-chested, square-jawed man I look completely ridiculous in girls' clothes.

it is not about how you look but about how you feel.

thst'd be me. I just don't go out that way. too scared I guess.

this was one of my older posts, i have now come out as transgender and live full time as a woman, i have been taking hormones for 3 months now and am just starting to notice the changes i just hope they happen quickly.

Only on Halloween

yes i do agree and the older i get now y the more i really wish to dress in little girl's dresses skirts skips panties of the late 1950's early 1960's little girls still knew how to wear dresses skirts back than i was secretly so very enbvious of them and wanted them to change transform me into a real little girly to so that from than on i could wear girly dresses skirts slips half silps panties jumpers dresses school uniforms plasy dresses and skirts i wanted long flowing blonde hair pretty blue green eyes i wished i was a little girly too and i still do want this even now and why not little girls are just so very wonderful want to be one of the little girlies!

I wanted to be transformed totally into a little girl back then to I was so jealoius of their clothes and their secrets I dress as often as I can in school uniforms princes dresses one piece swimsuits Twylajane

Great story...... I am one of the dressers that dont go out like that unless its someplace foreign to me.........

It's really just clothes. Anyone can wear what they want as long as you are covered with something. Yes you may get some negative responses, but if you don't care what they think, then do as you like
I wear dresses out downtown and wear girls swimsuits at the beach with a see thru cover up. Nothing anyone can do as long as you act strait and don't draw bother anyone.

Hello PoppyAnn,

I love the picture...I think you look lovely. I cant pass I'm 6' 3", 205 but I have a similar outfit...white satin blouse with peter pan collar, red pleated plaid uniform skirt, white cotton little girl style lingerie, white ruffled ankle socks, and shiny black mary jane flats. I also have a Japanese style sailor uniform, and red cheerleader uniform. I wear them around my apartment when family is away and I'm not expecting visitors.

Hugs :)

cute legs

where can i get dresses like this in adult little girls sizes et all shoes slips full little girls pabties in all the rainbow colors pastels !?

Just search for adult baby dresses, their are lots of sites online.

the one i wore i made myself, in the US going to Walmart and they stock several different colours in UK it is a little harder to find but there are many places on the internet to buy similar clothes from, the shoes i bought from Kmart in St Thomas US Virgin isles whilst i was there one time as they stock them in up to a size 11 woman's which is equal to a size 9 UK men's.
skirts are very easy to make but dresses are harder being from an engineering background helps as if you can make something with one kind of materiel then you can make things in another the only difference is the method of joining the parts, and using a sewing machine is not that difficult so go out and give it a try.

yews i love your dress to when oh when are we boys males ever going to b e so allowed to dress this way we could be so cute and pretty in little girls dresses skirts slips panties mary janes t strap shoes girls sneakers tennis shoes with or legs shaved like real girls do yes include me in this i would just so love to go right out today in little girls dresses and not give a fig about what anyone else thinks and or says i am a little girly you fools and i am happy i am this way so get a life and let mr be the way i am so meant to b e a girly at long last i am still wating to put on my dresses go out side and play like we little girlies should running giggling and playing our girly ganes whispering our little girlish secrets in each others eras about how silly little boys are and what they all are missing not being girlies!

I have several school uniforms and skirts and love to wear them whenever I can. I have worn them out many times in the past decade and yes, I get stares, but never any negative comments. Men are put in such a small box that if we don't open the box and let us out, no one else will. They are only clothes. Wear what you are comfortable in and watch attitudes of people around you change.
In private, I like to be a 12 year-old prepubescent girl in 1962/1963 at the end of the petticoat era. Still innocent. I find this age for me most comforting. Not yet a woman and not really a girl anymore either. Wearing cotton underwear and slips is just as exciting as the nylon ones for me and makes me feel like a little girl. I wear the nylon undies when I want to feel like a big girl or if I am going to a party or something. My favorite dresses are the frosted nylon kind that shows my frilly cotton petticoat beneath. Rhumba panties are fun with shorter skirts and dresses and they remind me of being a girl when sitting on all those ruffles! Bloomers or pettipants are a must under all my dresses for modesty. In 1962. For party dresses, it's garters and stockings, as pantyhose were not popular yet. Sometimes I just wear Bobby-sox. Patent leather Mary Jane's are a must for proper footwear to any special occasion. I am in the process of creating a "12 year-old" room in my home for playtime.

I think you look really sweet, must be lovely to dress as a little girl I could kiss and cuddle you.
I like to look at the little girls dresses in M&S

I think you look very cute in your dress. I would love to dress as a little girl, but my wife would never tolerate it. I love looking at the cute dresses on ebay.

Welldone poppyann you make me envious I love dressing as a girl but never had the courage to go out in them

I just wish I had the guts and figure to go out and buy some girls clothes, I would like to be treated like a little 4/5 yr old girl and could wear frilly pink panties

I just love your picture, and think you are very cute! I love your shoes and pretty socks. Thank you for sharing!

i love buying little girl dresses and wearing them out .... i have a couple friends who help me as well .... i go out at lease every other week in tights, bra panties and super cute little girl clothes

i have 6 school skirts 3 are the wrap over kilt type 2 are pleated and one is just with a couple of pleats on the left side, i wear them all the time and never think about it a few weeks ago i was in town in a shopping center with a friend and we had been there for around 2 hrs when a group of local school girls came in and my friend pointed out they were dressed the same as i was i had a grey pleated skirt and a white blouse along with my hair up in a high pony tail with a blue ribbon in it, it was the first time i had seen any of the local schools with that uniform, i normally try not to wear the same clothes as the local schools as some people think you are trying to mix with the local kids and now and then and take offence .

When I was 11 or so, I wanted to wear the clothes of girls my age. Now I am in my 40s, my favourite clothes have only aged as far as teengirl outfits, but not much older. You are right that it is not so easy to make it look ok for everyday wear, but I tend to mix and match guy and girl clothes anyway. Shorts and tights is one of my favourite looks at the moment, a look most favoured by teens but also worn by older females. I have a pinafore dress rather like the one you are wearing in your charming photo, but I don't wear it to go out and about.

I have two girls nad have worning everything from little girls dresses to princess dresses all over our neighborhood including my coffee shop. I am a 24/ 7 cross dress so everyone knows me. I am only 138 pound and can wear x large little girls clothes form the local department stores. Prinbcess dresses fit fine. I wear skirts mostly though as they always fit the waist properly. A lot of dresses with waists ore to high on a man. Enjoy

so funny!

me to and the older i get the more i realy do want to go back and start all over once agina but ths time as a girl please i love vintage little girls cltohing and want to wear it myself and to be a little girl forever and so why not!

i made to outfit my self it cost $8 for the material from wall mart, it was easy to make, but now i have put on a little more weight i doubt it will still fit.