The Other Me

For as long as i can remember Mom all ways dress me in girls clothes.Ihad a older sister so i suppose i wore  her hand me downs.Up to the age of  12 inever bothered until one day i felt very excited when getting dressed, Mom had put out my stuff,a top  white  knee sosks ,white panties and atartan skirt  wich when i put it on noticed that it was very short. I stud there  i felt my penis stiffen for some unknown reason i felt fan tastic.From that moment on iloved being dressed as a little girl ,i also dicovered the power of a short skirt or dress. I also discovered  that a lot of women like to feel a little girls bottom i had many a lady stairing at my legs and would breath very hard as they slid a hand up my dress  and caress my ***.Ivbe carry on dress ing like this for all my life i still lov pretty panties andan very ,very short skirts and dresses.
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

and that i was somewhen else with a whole new very young mommy who knows that i am suppose to be a girl and so she has me tranforemed into a little girl when i am very young and than i grow up female yes please this is what i wish for more and more! in fact i wish i could just go all the way backk and be born a girl at long last i come into the world female as i should be and than all my life i am a girly girl girl!

i have always wished i were a daughter instead of a son i wish i were a girly!

i love being a special girl for Princess.