I used to wear a sexy black dress under my shirt and short, and sandals in the night, and then walk to a very dark area next to the road, I take off my clothes and then star to walk like a free woman, the feeling of the air between my legs and my neck, wearing sexy girl cloths is amazing that I can´t explain, i liked to walk very sexy but I tried to be ready to run If I see a truck or a car to me, it was fantastic because I touch myself like a dirty lady in the night needed of a big ***, I like to think I am a prostitute....
Loren18 Loren18
36-40, T
3 Responses Aug 18, 2014

Very exciting.

I'd love to take a walk with you!! You must have looked so sexy!!

Well I hope you aren't still walking in very dark areas in the night. Yes it is fun to be out and about dressed, but doing it that way is damn dangerous ...