Why Tranquilise When One Can Accessorise..............

It's true....I am nearly the third gender. The battle is lodt and the gender is ambiguous.
I'm male and I live as a male and I have no hang ups about my maleness nut I diverge from total mascukinity and always have. I just accept it now.
I do find comfort in wearing female clothes that are elegant reather than trashy. I have nioce shoes and a nice wardrobe and, even as I write I am wearing a lovely woolen mis dress , hose etc. At this time my mind has switched to feminine mode and I am mre relaxed than valium. I have this lovely lipstick which is cherry pink colour and my wedding ring alternates as jewellery.
I've even cleaned the house.
MorphAble MorphAble
41-45, M
Oct 18, 2011